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Eddie Cibrian cuts Child Support to Ex, then buys $85K engagement ring for LeAnn Rimes

If you are involved in any family law matter, whether it be a divorce or a child support issue, do not do anything to undermine your positions in court. Case in point: Eddie Cibrian purportedly cut his child support payments to his ex-wife then subsequently purchased an $85,000 engagement ring for his fiance, LeAnn Rimes. Not exactly the smartest thing to do if you are involved in a pending divorce case. This is all ammunition that Cibrian’s ex could use in a court of law.

As I have blogged in the past, the determination of child support consists of several factors. The main factors include gross income of the parties, timeshare that the noncustodial parent has of the child, household deductions, among other factors. Cibrian purportedly sought to lower his child support payments because of the bad economy and his alleged claims that he had little work. If Cibrian is making this claim in court, its not a very wise decision to turn around and spend $85,000 on an engagement ring. That’s $85,000 that could go to your kids expenses or college education! This is definitely something that Cibrian’s ex could use to attack his credibility. This shows that Cibrian is not considering the financial welfare of his kids but that he finds his fiance of more importance. This is not a good way to make a favorable impression with the courts.

I’ll give Cibrian the benefit of the doubt that his fiance is a country star the news of their engagement was all over the news. Notwithstanding, $85K is still a huge amount of money. If Cibrian is trying to feign poverty, its not working.

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Source: Brandi Granville ticked, says Eddie Cibrian cut child support before giving LeAnn Rimes $85K ring

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