Elizabeth Edwards has no plans to Divorce John Edwards for now

The situation involving Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards is not uncommon for couples in distress. Elizabeth and John are separated but they do not intend to file for divorce until someone decides to remarry. For most people, upon one person’s infdelity, it would make sense for the other party to want to cut all ties, divorce and move on with their life. Such is not the case for Elizabeth and John Edwards. Elizabeth states that the couple plan to sell their $5.5 million mansion in Chapel Hill, North Carolina because their “dream house” just does not have any meaning anymore.

In divorce proceedings here in Los Angeles County and Orange County, liquidation of a community property residence is normal. It’s one step towards resolving the property division aspect of the divorce. However, sometimes, if the couple have minor children, the parent raising the children usually wants to hold on to the house until the youngest child turns 18 so that the child can continue with their education in the environment they have grown familiar to. The less disruption for the child, the better the situation becomes. The Edwards’ still have two minor children together. So, it is unknown what the couple intends to do regarding whether they intend to send the two minor children to the same school and/or if they will continue to reside in the same area.

For more information on child custody, visitation or disposition of a community property asset, such as a home, contact and Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

Source: cbs2news.com Elizabeth Edwards: No Divorce from John Planned