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Ex Parte Applications in Orange County Superior Court

Are you involved in a physically abusive relationship? Has your life been threatened by your spouse? Are your children unsafe living with your spouse because he or she neglects or abandons the children? If you answered to yes to any of these questions, filing an Ex parte application may be a way to resolve your problems.

Filing an Ex parte application with a Los Angeles or Orange County court is essentially requesting that the court hear your case on shortened time (or sometimes, without notice to the other party) due to the presence of an “emergency” or “irreparable harm” situation. Typically, such ex parte applications involve child custody matters (i.e. child is in danger or has been abducted), domestic violence matters (i.e. physical abuse, violence or attack) or any matter warranting an “emergency” hearing. Pursuant to Orange County Rule of Court 704C, “ex parte relief will be granted only upon a showing of irreparable harm . . .”

As an example, if Dad discovers that Mom is abusing drugs and/or alcohol, neglecting her duties to care for the children such as forgetting to pick up the children or failing to provide them with food, clothing etc., and if Dad believes the children are in danger if they continue to reside with Mom, Dad may petition the court for Ex parte relief to obtain custody of the children.

As another example, if Husband and Wife continue to reside together in the family residence and Husband physically attacks Wife on a regular basis, emotionally abuses Wife, or threatens her life, Wife may seek an Ex parte request for a domestic violence restraining order.

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, be proactive and contact an Orange County divorce attorney for assistance.

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