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Ex-Wife Abducts Children to her native Egypt

I previously blogged about a few International Child Custody battles here. I also blogged about an Orange County child custody abduction involving Newport Beach native, Andrew Ko here.

Well, here is another international child custody story involving Boston native, Colin Bower. Bower has not seen his kids in more than a year after his ex-wife abducted his two kids to Egypt using forged passports after losing a custody battle. In fact, Bower has traveled to Egypt six times, enlisted the help of U.S. Senator John Kerry and the State Department and started a Facebook campaign in an effort to be reunited with 7-year-old Ramsay and 9-year-old Noor. This is truly heart wrenching. Despite all his efforts, Bower does not even know if he will ever get to see his kids again. This story is all too familiar.

As a background, Bower was granted sole legal and physical custody of Ramsay and Noor following his divorce from their mother Mirvat el Nady in 2008. Bower dropped the boys over to Nady for a visitation on August 9, 2009, with Bower scheduled to pick them up from her home a week later. However, on August 11, Nady boarded a flight with Ramsay and Noor using Egyptian passports bearing the name “Power” to get them on the plane.

When Bower went to pick the boys up, he received a phone call from a mobile phone. On his Facebook page, Bower says the caller told him he “would not be able to see or contact his children again if he did anything about the fact that [my] children were missing.”

If you are a Southern California parent who finds him or herself in this tragic position, consulting with a Los Angeles or Orange County child custody lawyer at the earliest opportunity is imperative. Fighting for your rights in California family court can be difficult, especially for fathers. An Orange County father’s rights attorney is an essential ally as you navigate our complex, and often confusing, legal system. With international custody cases sometimes taking years to resolve, it is important to have a California custody attorney who will fight for you working on your behalf from Day One.

Source: Father: Ex-Wife Smuggled our Kids to Egypt

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