Failure to Pay Child Support can Result in Prison Time

In McHenry County, Illinois, a father was sentenced to prison for his failure to pay child support. In an unsual case, Michael Strobel was sentenced to 2 years of prison for his failure to pay child support for over a decade. He pleaded guilty to failure to support a child, which is a felony in Illinois. The charge stems from allegations he did not pay child support between June 2000 through September 2009 (the date of the child support filing) Apparently, Strobel owed $43,000 in child support payments.

Illinois Attorney, Louis Bianchi, stated that prison sentences are not common in child support cases. However, given the combination of Strobel’s past record, which includes an earlier prison sentence for drug charges and his unwillingness to pay any support for his teenage son made it appropriate in this case. In Orange County, California, it is also uncommon to see individuals sent to prison for their failure to pay child support. It’s more common for non-payors to have their driver’s license or passport revoked until they bring their account current.

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Source: McHenry Co. man goes to prison for refusing to pay child support