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Failure to Pay Child Support could Result in Jail Time

Do you have an existing California child support order in place? Have you been making payments towards that California child support obligation? Are you in arrears in your California child support payments? Do you need assistance in modifying your present obligation to an affordable monthly payment amount? If so, please consult an Orange County child support attorney to either modify your payment, bring your payments current and/or assist in resolving any existing child support arrears. Failure to make payments on an existing California child support order can cause conflict, problems and a potentially endless tangled relationship with the Department of Child Support Services. Other obstacles that may directly affect the obligor include the withholding of a driver’s license or U.S. Passport and even jail time.

An article that was released today indicated that an illegal immigrant, who failed to pay child support, was sent to prison. A 33-year-old illegal immigrant was sentenced this week to four years in prison after failing to pay child support for two children he fathered with a Sheboygan woman, according to court records released Friday.

Fernando Zamora-Sanchez was sentenced Monday on four felony counts of failure to support a child, each of which relates to a four-month span between May 2003 and August 2004. Three more felonies that extended the span of unpaid support to August 2005 were dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

A criminal complaint said paternity tests determined Zamora-Sanchez was the father of two children, a girl who is now 12 and a boy who is now 9. He was ordered in January 2003 to pay $223 per month in support, but he never made a payment.
A warrant was issued for Zamora-Sanchez’s arrest in November 2005, and he was located in Colorado Springs, Colo., last November. Court records describe him as a Mexican native with a third-grade education who needed an interpreter to understand court proceedings.

Court records show Zamora-Sanchez is under a detainer from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, meaning he is in the country illegally. He will be deported after completing his prison sentence.

Although it is rare for one to be sent to jail for failure to pay child support, do not let your child support debt spiral out of control. Contact a reputable and experienced Orange County child support attorney for assistance.

Source: Illegal Immigrant Gets Prison Time for Unpaid Child Support