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Father Charging Parental Alienation Hires His Own Demonstrators

There is no question that Orange County parental alienation can be both emotional and frustrating, particularly for fathers who may come to believe that our court system does not do all it can to protect California and Orange County fathers’ rights. In Florida at the moment, however, a case is playing out that offers a painful example of personal frustration running out of control.

According to a report in the Daytona Beach News-Journal, James Wardner has grown so incensed with what he believes is unfair treatment by the courts in a custody battle over his five children that he has hired protestors to picket both the county courthouse and the offices of his ex-wife’s attorneys.

According to the paper, Wardner, a dentist, and his wife divorced in 2004. Since then he has seen his child support payments rise from $1800 per month to “just under $4000.” During that same period, the paper reports, “he claimed in court documents that his ex-wife systematically tried to cut him out of their children’s lives.” He is currently involved in a legal battle with his ex, seeking either full custody of the children or a significant reduction in his child support payments. A psychologist hired by Wardner concluded the children’s mother “engaged in a deliberate campaign to alienate the children from their father,” – a charge she denies.

Without wanting to try weighing the merits of competing claims by ex-spouses a continent away, it does bear saying, however, that hiring day laborers to stand outside the courthouse holding signs saying (among other things): “Do not throw your $$$$ away on attorneys – fathers have no rights in this courthouse,” is probably not the best way to win sympathy from either judges or the public at large.

Here in Orange County, parental alienation is a problem that can haunt fathers for years. Courts may sometimes be agonizingly slow, or seem unresponsive, but confronting them with hired protestors is not the answer. The advice and legal representation offered by an experienced Orange County fathers’ rights lawyer is your best defense against the emotional trauma of parental alienation. Someone who understands your needs, and will fight for your rights, can be your most important ally when facing a contentious Orange County divorce or child custody battle.

Daytona Beach News-Journal: Father in lengthy custody battle hires protestors to vent

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