Filipinos favor legalization of Divorce

Being a Catholic country, currently, it is illegal to divorce in the Philippines. However, a new study shows that more and more Filipinos are favoring the legalization of divorce in their country. Indeed, fifty percent of 1,200 people surveyed favored legalizing divorce.

Additionally, there was also a consistent rise in support for legal divorce, according to a SWS survey. In Metro Manila alone, the survey stated that the support for legal divorce switched from neutral to favorable as it increased from 44 percent last May 2005 to 52 percent this year.

Support for legal divorce in Luzon rose from 51% to 54% while those from Visayas also hiked support ratings as the percentage of those who agreed to making divorce legal rose from 32% to 50%.

For supporters living in Mindanao, the percent of legal divorce supporters also increased from 36% to 44%.

These findings are significant in the Catholic country of the Philippines. Being born in Manila myself, I know a few close relatives who have been separated for many, many years but have not divorced simply because it is illegal to and not offered in the Philippines. In one case, the Husband has even found additional mistresses and wives in other countries. Despite the forgoing, said Husband continues to financially support his Wife, who resides in the Philippines. In situations like these and from an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, it would just be better to divorce someone who you see no future with so each person can move on with their life.

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Source: More Filipinos favor legalization of divorce– SWS