Flava Flav pays $25,000 in Child Support Arrears

According to reports, Flava Flav (his real name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr.) owed about $111,000 in child support arrears to the mother of his three children, Mary Parker. Drayton was facing approximately 180 days in jail if he didn’t make a payment, according to reports.

A family law court in Albany deemed Drayton’s missed child support payments a “willful violation” of his support agreement. In that agreement, Drayton was to pay Parker $837.72 a week, according to the Daily News.

Considering Drayton’s $111,000 child-support debt, that works out to more than two and a half years of missed payments.

With jail time a distinct possibility, Drayton arrived in court with a check for $25,000, the Daily News reports. Drayton also agreed to make additional payments of $1,200 a month to further reduce his debt.

From an Orange County child support lawyer’s perspective, if Drayton cannot afford the exising payments, he should file a modification for same. However, he must show his income has declined.

At any rate, if you have a child support matter in Los Angeles or Orange County and would like help in obtaining child support or modifying it, contact an Orange County child support lawyer for more information.

Source: Flavor Flav Beats Jail Rap by Paying $25K in Child Support