The Basics of Child Support


If you are involved in a divorce or paternity action involving children, you are going to want to seek child support.  What are some of the basics that the court uses to determine child support?  First, the more time you spend with the children, the less child support you will pay.  Child support is based on a computer program called the Dissomaster wherein several factors are used to determine a child support amount.  Timeshare with the child is one of those factors.  Other factors the court takes into consideration in determining child support is gross monthly income.  The amount of money you make on a gross monthly basis gets put into the program.  Additional factors like dependency exemptions, tax filing status, health insurance deductions, bonus income, mortgage interest deduction, property tax deduction, child care expenses etc. are also factors the court uses to determine child support.

It’s important that once an order for child support is issued, that you comply with the order. Otherwise, if you do not comply, you could face Contempt.  If you have a child support order and you cannot afford to pay it because you lost your job or you’re on disability, find an attorney to help you modify the child support order.

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