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Glendale activist calls for California family court changes

A recent commentary in the Glendale News-Press spotlighted what the author, Kathie Mathis, identifies as a series of shortcomings in the California family court system. Mathis, a former director of domestic violence programs at the Glendale YWCA, says a “conservative estimate” holds that 58,000 children each year are ordered into unsupervised contact with predatory or abusive parents and notes several California family law remedies currently being considered by legislators in Sacramento.

Whether or not you agree with Mathis’ positions on these issues (a link to her column can be found at the bottom of this post), her concerns highlight the necessity of top-notch legal representation for anyone faced with Orange County family law issues. Orange County custody and visitation disputes often arise during divorce proceedings. In the months and years after divorce an unequal settlement can lead to claims of parental alienation. In our adversarial justice system the assistance of an experienced Orange County child custody lawyer is critical when confronted with the complexities and stress of the California family courts.

Mathis’ commentary offers a checklist of actions one can take to help improve protections for children in Orange County family court. One particular suggestion bears repetition: her call to voters to do some research and to begin taking judicial elections more seriously, rather than simply picking “one (name) to fill in your ballot.”

An Orange County family law attorney can be a critical ally in guiding you through our court system and protecting your rights as a parent.

Glendale News-Press: Community Commentary – A Crisis in Family Courts

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