Halle Berry’s Los Angeles County Child Custody Dispute has Been Dismissed

I previous discussed the child custody battle that was started by Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry here. Various media outlets reported that Berry appeared in court yesterday for a request to be able to take their daughter to New York so that Berry could film a role in an upcoming movie, New Years Eve. Earlier, Berry had dropped out of the leading role so that she could take care of her custody dispute here in Los Angeles. Berry was subsequently replaced by Katherine Heigl. Now, it appears that Berry will be able to rejoin the case in a smaller role playing a nurse.

Additionally, Berry received another victory in her Los Angeles County paternity matter when the Judge dismissed the petition for custody and support. The dimissal was reportedly at Aubry’s request. Regardless, it is good to hear that these two have settled their differences. It is not clear what type of parenting plan or custody schedule has been agreed to as all records in paternity matters are confidential. Regardless, Orange County or Los Angeles County child custody disputes are often times grueling and difficult on everyone involved.

As and for a Los Angeles child support resolution, it is not clear whether the parties reached an agreement for child support. In any Orange County or Los Angeles County paternity matter, issues relating to child custody and child support are often times handled simultaneously.

We stress the importance of hiring an Orange County child custody attorney should you experience any problems relating to child custody, visitation or child support.

Source: Judge suspends Halle Berry’s Child Custody Fight Halle Berry Rejoins New Years Eve Cast