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Halle Berry’s Split Raises Custody Questions

Several celebrity websites report that Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry recently broke up after four-plus years together. Their rupture raises potential California child custody issues because the couple, though never married, have a two year old daughter.

The Huffington Post quotes entertainment websites reporting that the split actually took place several months ago, but has only now leaked out into the media. Quoting Radaronline, the website reports: the couple “have already hammered out a custody and financial agreement.” The article goes on to say that the document calls for “50/50 custody” of their child. Aubry, a model, was not reportedly interested in receiving money from Berry.

When a couple are not married Orange County custody issues may become more complex than they might otherwise be. In this particular case, the fact that the father is foreign (Aubry is Canadian, according to the website Monsters & Critics) adds a further potential twist to whatever Los Angeles or Orange County custody agreement the couple may have worked out. Significantly, celebrity website TMZ, quoted by The Huffington Post, describes the couple’s arrangement as “a temporary custody agreement,” adding: “there is no long-term custody arrangement or property settlement agreement.”

Without wishing either half of the couple ill, it seems important to point out that situations like this are fraught with danger for both parties. It is exactly in custody and visitation cases such as this – ones where a number of significant issues remain to be resolved and a final agreement is yet to be reached – that the advice of an experienced Orange County custody and visitation attorney is essential.

Even if you and your ex are not married, an Orange County family law attorney can offer sound advice on the best way to structure a California child custody and visitation agreement so that your parental rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law. Spelling out both parties rights and obligations in a clear, enforceable way is an important element of a California custody settlement. However amicable a break-up might initially be, leaving such issues to chance over the long term is never a wise approach.

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