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Hefner’s California Divorce to be Final Next Month

Several celebrity news websites are reporting that a settlement has been reached in the California divorce of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, which is expected to become final next month.

The relationship between Hefner, 83, and his wife Kimberly has, according to media reports, been an unusual one. The couple married in 1989 and separated in 1998, but only filed for a California divorce last year. In the interim Kimberly has been living with the couple’s children in a house adjacent to the Playboy Mansion and Hefner has been paying her a monthly allowance.

Divorce settlements involving high-asset couples – especially couples in which one partner brings most of the assets into the marriage – can be especially complex. California prenuptial agreements were created, in part, to address situations like this. The Hefner settlement may also have been complicated by the unusual living arrangements the couple have had for more than a decade. Further complicating matters is a lawsuit Kimberly filed last year against the ageing publisher, demanding
$5 million as her share of the profits from Hefner’s sale of the home where Kimberly and the couple’s sons have been living. Hefner claimed in response that “he’s paid her nearly $12 million since they separated,” according to TMZ.

Though unusual in many respects, the Hefner divorce is also a reminder of the importance of securing the help of a skilled Orange County divorce lawyer who can help you chart a course through your California separation and divorce whatever their circumstances may be. Divorces that do not involve multi-million dollar homes or other significant California community property assets can be just as complex and contentious as those of movie stars or magazine publishers. The first important step to take involves finding a Los Angeles, Orange County or San Bernardino County divorce attorney who will give your case the careful attention it deserves, and fight for everything to which you are entitled.

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