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Heidi Montag and Specer Pratt call off their Divorce

As we reported earlier this year, Heidi Montag filed for divorce from Spencer Pratt. I even discussed what would happen to the disposition of their pets upon dissolution. However, Heidi and Spencer have now allegedly reconciled. Heidi filed a Request for Dissmal of her divorce petition, without prejudice, in court last week.

Filing without prejudice means that at a later date, if she chooses to, she can refile her Petition for Dissolution. From a legal Orange County divorce perspective, filing and refiling a divorce petition will not hurt your case. Legally speaking, the couples’ date of separation will change in light of the reconciliation. This will cause the apportionment of the assets to be divided at a different date of separation, should these two decide to divorce at a later date.

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Source: Heidi Montag Calls Off Divorce

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