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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt fake their divorce

I can’t say this its a surprise that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt faked their divorce simply for publicity. In a paid interview with Life and Style Magazine, Heidi and Spencer admitted that the “divorce” was all a part of their plan. The couple admit that they faked their divorce in an effort to save Heidi’s career. In the interview, Spencer stated that everyone hated him, so the divorce was done to save Heidi from going down with him. The couple said that they continued to stay together, just out of the public eye.

The couple also said that the reconciliation in Costa Rica was also planned out. The entire charade was nothing but a calculated farse.

Life and Style Magazine paid the couple to come clean, but it was pretty much common knowledge as to what these two were up to most of the time. They are just “fame-whores” who will do anything for publicity.

Just last week, Heidi and Spencer also admitted that they are broke and had to file bankruptcy. Doesn’t surprise me.

Obviously, in real life, filing for divorce is not something people should take lightly. Many couples struggle with issues and divorce is the only way out of the relationship. Many times, couples will undergo therapy and decide to give their relationship another shot. In that case, if the couple files for divorce and later decide to reconcile, filing a Request for Dismissal of the initial divorce petition is a way to wipe out the divorce.

At any rate, filing an Orange County or Los Angeles County divorce should not be something to take lightly. For more information on filing for divorce in Los Angeles or Orange County, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer.

Source: Heidi and Spencer fake divorce was modeled after Sandra Bullock!