High Earning Women More Likely to Divorce

According to “The New York Post”, a study shows that women who earned more than their husbands, were almost 40% more likely to divorce than their lesser-earning spouses. The study found that women who earned around 60% of the total household income were much more likely to divorce. Surprisingly, the study did not take into consideration whether the couples were rich or poor. However, it did show that couples more likely to split were those in situations where the woman was the main breadwinner. A separate study showed that women who were the main breadwinners had more financial freedom.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer perspective, the study is not too surprising. In this day and age, women are getting married much later in life and focusing more on their career and earning money. Women who experience financial freedom and earn more than their husbands have more control with how they spend their money and how they save and/or invest their money. Perhaps women with such control causes conflict with their husbands.

Regardless, if you are contemplating divorce, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information and to explore your options.

Source: Study: Women Who Make More, Divorce More