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High Profile Los Angeles Divorce Spotlights Community Property

LA Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has fired the team’s chief executive, his estranged wife Jamie, according to the Los Angeles Times and other media reports. I first blogged about this high profile Los Angeles divorce on October 19th, noting then that the McCourt saga highlights the potential legal difficulties involved in a Los Angeles County divorce when a couple’s business and personal lives are intertwined. This latest twist in what is beginning to look like a messy, and very public, break-up only reinforces those earlier thoughts, and serves as a reminder that consulting a Los Angeles divorce lawyer as early in the process as possible is a prudent idea.

A lawyer for Jamie McCourt promised what the newspaper described as an “imminent legal response” and describes his client as “disappointed and saddened by her termination.”

He also, however, described Jamie McCourt as a “co-owner” of the team, an interpretation at odds with how Frank McCourt’s attorneys have characterized the situation in comments to the media over the last few weeks. It is not known whether the McCourts have a pre-nuptial agreement governing the team. If no such agreement exists the team, as a joint asset, would probably be subject in a Los Angeles divorce to California’s community property laws. As a business concern, the Dodgers were valued at $722 million in an analysis earlier this year by Forbes Magazine – the fourth highest figure in baseball.

The McCourts situation highlights the need for skilled legal help. Dissolving any marriage is difficult and emotional. When personal and business affairs are entangled the process is exponentially more complex. An experienced Southern California divorce attorney should be one of the first people you consult early on in the process.

Los Angeles Times: Dodgers owner McCourt fires wife Jamie

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