Housewife of Orange County Tamra Barney files Restraining Order against estranged husband in Orange County

Earlier this year, I blogged about the marital problems between real housewife of Orange County, Tamra Barney and her husband, Simon Barney. Now, reports are stating that Tamra filed a temporary restraining order against Simon. The filing of the restraining order stems from an incident where Simon allegedly threw a retractable dog leash at Tamra’s head over a dispute involving their dog. Simon was arrested for domestic abuse the same day of the incident.

Typically, temporary restraining orders prohibit the person restrained from approaching the victim within 100 yards of their home, work or other place designated. That is a whole football field distance! It is typical for one party to file a restraining order against the other party in a heated and contentious divorce. By the looks of things, Tamra and Simon have a lot of issues to resolve in their divorce.

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Source: Tamra Barney files Restraining Order against Simon Barney