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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris call off Wedding

The internet is a buzz over the news that Hugh Hefner and fiance, Crystal Harris, called off their wedding. Reports claim that Harris did not like Hefner’s playboy lifestyle. Harris was quoted as stating “[t]his isn’t the lifestyle for me, multiple girls around all the time, the Playboy lifestyle. I don’t know. I just wanted to be true to myself.” (Hello! You have been a playboy playmate for how long?) I’m not sure if that’s just an excuse of if she only wanted to marry Hefner for fame, status and to further her music career.

At any rate, its a good thing these two decided to break it off before tying the knot. As we all know, once you get married, the divorce process is a much more stressful and emotional on every level for both parties. There are a lot of issues that could have arisen had these two gotten married and decided to divorce months or even years later. For one, unless the parties had a prenuptual agreement in place to protect their assets (separte property and community property), Hefner could face potential spousal support payments to Harris.

Secondly, if these two would have had minor children in the future, child custody and visitation issues along with child support issues would have to be dealt with.

Finally, unless a prenuptual agreement is written up, these two would have to deal with the division of community property issues.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, all these divorce issues are moot as Hefner and Harris broke their relationship off before getting married.

This is why contacting an Orange County divorce lawyer is imperative to handling your divorce. You want to make sure all issues are dealt with in your favor and reasonably.

Souce: Hugh Hefner, Crystall Harris’s Wedding is called off

Crystal Harris blames Hugh Hefner’s Playboy lifestyle as reason for calling off the couple’s wedding

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