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Jermaine Jackson owes over $90,000 in child support

Yes. Another day, another person fails to pay their child support. I previously blogged about the consequences of failing to pay child support. If you fail to pay court ordered child support, you could be sent to prison, get your driver’s license revoked and your passport can also be placed on hold. Now, according to legal documents filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Jermaine Jackson owes his ex-wife $91,921.55 in overdue child support. Jackson has been ordered to pay $3,000 per month in child support but has not been making said payments.

According to Child Support Services Responsive pleadings, Jackson claims that his monthly income is $1,448 per month, but never filed the proper paperwork to support it. Jackson failed to complete pertinent sections on his Income and Expense Declaration (FL150). Additionally, although Jackson attached a Profit and Loss statement, it was only for a six month period. Profit and Loss statements should be prepared for the past 2 years. Because of Jackson’s failure to file the correct paperwork, Child Support Services is requesting that Jackson provide evidence of all his earnings, royalties and or residuals from 2008 to 2009.

Additionally, Child Support Servies is also refusing to release Jackson’s driver’s license unless he makes a lump sum payment towards child support and enters into a reasonable payment plan, inclusive of principal and interest.

If you have a child support issue, its best to get it handled right away by filing an Order to Show Cause for modification of same. You never want your child support debt to continue to accumulate month by month because once that child support is incurred, you cannot recoup that money without filing an immediate Order to Show Cause.

For more information on any Orange County or Los Angeles County child support issues, contact an Orange County child support attorney.

Source: Jermaine Jackson– Deadbeat Dad without wheels

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