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Jermaine Jackson’s excuse for a reduction of Child Support

The excuses that people come up with in an effort to reduce their child support obligation is just amazing! In a prior post, I discussed the fact that Jermaine Jackson owes over $90,000 in child support and filed improper paperwork in his attempt to reduce his Los Angeles County child support payments. Now, further details are emerging concerning Jackson’s request for a reduction.

It turns out that Jackson is claiming he was robbed back in September of this year. Jackson claims that a bag containing jewelry, watches and other expensive items was stolen from the home his family is renting. Ironically, about one week after this robbery, Jackson also filed court documents stating that he could no longer afford the $3,000 monthly child support payment for his children, Jaafar and Jermajesty.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, there are some holes in this argument. First, how does stolen material possessions affect one’s income? Afterall, child support is based primarily on income and timeshare of the kids. Sorry, but it doesn’t matter if your Louis Vuitton garment bag, gold watches and family heirlooms have gone missing. That has no bearing on the calculation of child support. What matters here is the state of Jackson’s employment and income.

Further, as set forth in an earlier post this month, Jackson owes over $90,000 in back child support. The fact that expensive material possessions were stolen is not going to eradicate the back child support accumulated thus far. Once that money is accumulated, Jackson has to pay that money back some way either by paying it in a lump sum or being placed on a payment plan.

My advise for Jackson and other people who are finding ways to skirt their child support obligations….don’t have kids! Once you have kids, they are a permanent fixture and you will be financially responsible for them until they are 18.

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Source: Jermaine Jackson Robbed, Files to Reduce Child Support Payments

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