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Jesse James awarded Sole Legal Custody of Daughter in Orange County

Jesse James and his ex-girlfriend, Janine Lindemulder, have finally completed their post-judgment dispute regarding their Orange County child custody issues. Indeed it was announced that James was awarded sole legal custody of their daughter, Sunny.

Additionally, since James currently lives in Austin, Texas, James’ lawyer advised that if Janine moves to Texas to be near Sunny, she will be ordered to complete an inpatient rehabilitation program prior to seeing the child. However, if Janine remains in California, she will be entitled to monitored visits with the child.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, what does “sole legal custody” mean?

For example purposes only, sole legal custody means that James has sole decision making duties regarding the following matters concerning the child:

1. Enrollment or termination in a particular private or public school;
2. Beginning or ending the regular practice of a religion;
3. Commencement of psychiatric, psychological, or other such mental health counseling or therapy;
4. Change of the child’s residence;
5. Passport applications;
6. Enrollment in regular occurring extra curricular activities;
7. Non-emergency medical/dental treatment other than routine checkups.

Basically, Janine does not have a “say” in any of the decision making duties of the above. James has full authority. For a Judge to order sole legal custody to one parent, the non custodial parent must have had serious parenting issues (i.e. drug, alcohol etc.)

Whatever the reason may be, it is important to have an Orange County divorce lawyer on your side in any contentious child custody dispute.

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Source: Jesse James Awarded Sole Custody of Daughter