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Jesse James’ Ex Seeking More Custody, Child Support and Attorney Fees

You knew this was coming. On the heels of the recent scandal involving Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, sure enough, Jesse James’ ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder is seeking joint legal custody and 50-50 physical custody of their daughter. Lindemulder is also seeking an increase in child support and attorney fees and costs claiming that James “owns several businesses, homes, vehicles, etc.” Lindemulder also goes on to state that the disparity between her income and James’ is “enormous.” Lindemulder is reportedly living in a half-way house in Oregon and works as a file clerk earning $8.50 per hour. Since Lindemulder did not pay to hire her present attorney, he is taking on this case on a pro bono basis. At any rate, this matter will be heard later next month in Orange County.

The details of why Lindemulder is seeking joint legal custody and 50-50 custody of their daughter is not clear from the recent filing. In most cases involving custody disputes here in Orange County or Los Angeles County, the moving party will have to show a change in circumstance to modify an existing order. Moreover, the “best interest” of the child will also have to be analyzed. By no means will this legal battle be simple. I can’t wait to see how this plays out in court.

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Source: Jesse James’ Ex-Wife Asks Court to Award her Shared Custody, More Child Support

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