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Jon & Kate: What Not to do During a Divorce

t1larg.kate.dairy.farm.courtesy[1].jpgJon & Kate Plus 8 officially ended their show yesterday. Jon & Kate Plus 8 initially aired in 2007 and chronicled the lives of a young couple and their 8 children.

“This is a very bittersweet goodbye for me because the kids are already missing it,” Kate Gosselin said. “Our show has provided opportunities that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. I feel like it’s been taken from us. From me and the kids. I don’t like ends. I don’t like goodbyes. It’s needless; it’s useless. It was totally avoidable.”

“Our marriage fell apart, and I felt like I was free,” Jon said. He dismissed the past eight months, during which tabloids and newspapers chronicled his string of new girlfriends and partying, by explaining that he believes he was sowing his wild oats. “I got married at 22, so maybe I reverted to 23,” Jon said.

Whether you are on Team Kate or Team Jon, we can all agree that both parents did not handle themselves appropriately, especially in the midst of the divorce proceedings, which by all intents and purposes is still going on until a final Judgment has been entered.

Rumors and speculation that Kate had an affair with her bodyguard, Jon’s string of girlfriends post-separation, reports that Jon and Kate both continuously left the children home alone with nannies and the list goes on and on. What can be said is that these parents definitely did not conduct themselves appropriately to protect the best interests of their eight children.

An Orange County Family Law Attorney can assist and advise you of what to do and not to do pending a divorce in order to maintain your credibility in Court and conduct yourself appropriately for the sake of the children. Afterall, parents should always put their children first and set aside their personal differences with one another. An Orange County divorce attorney can guide you regarding child custody and visitation matters.

Source: www.cnn.com Jon and Kate close out ‘Plus Eight”
Photo credit: www.cnn.com

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