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Kate Walsh Divorce: Dividing Furniture & Furnishings through Alternate Pick Method

One tedious aspect of going through a divorce is dividing up various community property furniture and furnishings. From an Orange County divorce attorney perspective, when completing a Schedule of Assets & Debts (which is required prior to getting a divorce), each party must itemize their respective assets and debts, whether they are separate property or community property. I often advise clients to not bother listing every single fork, knife, table, lamp etc. as the list of furniture, furnishings, artwork, jewelry can get pretty long. Instead, I advise my clients to simply list the items that are have value and leave the remaining items as “to be divided between the parties.” However, sometimes couples cannot agree to divide anything amongst themselves. Afterall, these people are going through a divorce and the word “agree” has seemed to have disappeared from their vocabulary. At any rate, in such instances, there are alternate procedures to make such divisions equitable.

With respect to the division of furniture and furnishings, it was reported that former Grey’s Anatomy star and now star of the television show, Private Practice, Kate Walsh and her ex-husband, Alex Young, have agreed to divide their furniture and furnishings on an “Alternate Pick” method.

Court documents reveal that “[o]ne-half of the community property furniture and artwork to be divided by alternating picks after the flip of a coin to determine who will pick first,”

The alternative pick method is one common way of equitably dividing up furniture and furnishings. This method is to ensure that one person does not get all of the “good stuff”, leaving the other party with the junk. At times, a Special Master may be appointed to supervise and mediate such a division.

An Orange County divorce attorney can assist in an equitable division of furniture and furnishings.

Source: People: Kate Walsh and Ex to Flip Coin Over Furniture in Divorce