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Lawsuit filed by Christina Fulton alleges Emotional Abuse by Nicolas Cage

In December of 2009, Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend filed a $13 million lawsuit against Cage in the Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that Cage purchased her a house and promised to turn the title over to her, but instead served her with a 60-day eviction notice subsequently thereafter. Fulton is also alleging that she put her acting career on hold to take care of their now 19 year old son, Weston, and promised to financially provide for her and their son.

What is also interesting is that Fulton is alleging that Cage mentally and emotionally abused her. The complaint also states that Cage gave up most of his parenting duties, opting not to exercise his joint legal and physical custody rights to the fullest, and then, when Weston turned 18 in 2008, Cage “removed” the him from Fulton’s home, which Cage purportedly bought for her.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer perspective, giving up your rights to joint legal and physical custody is a life changing decision. With respect to legal custody, that parent basically gives up their rights to make joint decision concerning the health, welare, education, medical needs, among other issues, relating to the child. With respect to physical custody, that parent also gives up their rights to have physical custody with the child.

Such issues relating to joint legal and physical custody can be contentious. If you are involved in any divorce, paternity, custody or visitation issue, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

Source: Did Nic Cage Emotionally Abuse Baby Mama?

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