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Letters of Guardianship; Prerequisites


Letters of guardianship are the physical evidence of the appointment and qualification of an individual or entity as guardian of the person or estate.  Letters are issued by the court clerk, who keeps the original and issues certified copies for the guardian. Among other things, letters of guardianship are used by the guardian to marshal the assets, transfer title to bank accounts and corporate shares, and prove to a school or health care provider that he or she, when appropriate, has the authority to give consent to the minor’s enrollment in school or to required medical treatment.

Before the court clerk will issue letters of guardianship, three prerequisites must be made:

  1.  If a bond is required, the appointed guardian must post a bond
  2. The guardian must take an oath to perform the duties of the office according to law and the oath must be attached to or endorsed on the letters of guardianship
  3. Guardian must execute and file an acknowledgment of receipt of the form Duties of Guardianship

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