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Levi Johnston’s Child Support Problems

According to TMZ.com, Levi Johnston owes Bristol Palin $38,000 in child support payments. Pursuant to court order, he owes $1750 per month in child support. Further, according to Palin’s lawyer, Johnston has not made a child support payment to Palin since June 2010.

What is interesting to note is that Palin has not tried to enforce the order through a Wage Assignment nor has she tried to file a Contempt action against Johnston. Palin’s refusal to involve court intervention is reportedly because they are “hoping” Johnston will “man-up” and voluntarily pay his child support payments. Additionally, Palin’s people report that they do not want to exacerbate an already strained situation.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, if you have not received your child support payment, it is probably a good idea to take measures to enforce, especially if you are strapped for cash. If you want to wait and see and hope that the obligor voluntarily makes his or her payments, you could be waiting till eternity and by that time, your child has already reached the age of majority. Bottom line is that if you have not received a court ordered child support payment, take measures to enforce that payment either through a wage assignment or levy on a bank account. You could also file a Contempt action.

For more information on filing a Los Angeles or Orange County child support action, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

Source: Bristol Palin– Levi Johnston is a deadbeat dad

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