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Long-Delayed California Divorce Gets Underway for Peaches Geldof

We often hear or read about short-lived celebrity Los Angeles and Orange County divorces. Here is one with a novel twist: according to a variety of celebrity-watching publications, Maxwell Drummy recently filed divorce papers in a Los Angeles family court seeking to end his marriage to Peaches Geldof fully two years after the couple split up. The delay is particularly eyebrow-raising since there are indications the marriage was little more than a publicity stunt from Day One. There is no word on whether the couple have a California prenuptial agreement.

The website Monsters and Critics notes that the couple wed in Las Vegas in 2008 only ten days after they met. They publicly split barely six months later. Drummy is a French rock musician. Geldof, a model, is the daughter of rock star and humanitarian aide impresario Sir Bob Geldof. Both Geldof and Drummy have long since moved on to other partners, according to Monsters and Critics, leaving some to wonder why they were making no effort to dissolve a marriage that neither showed any interest in salvaging.

The answer may be that there was never much substance to their union in the first place. Monsters and Critics noted that Drummy has recently termed the entire marriage a “publicity stunt,” saying he has Geldof “on my personal payroll… she’s my friend for money. She also orchestrates publicity stunts for me.”

Taking Drummy, for the sake of argument, at his word it has to be said that a publicity-stunt marriage can turn into an unexpected lesson in how serious an institution marriage is. From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, it is important to remind people thinking of entering into an unserious marriage that there is a reason why our society makes dissolving a marriage a lengthy and often complicated process.

This is not to say that people should remain in bad marriages. One of the most important jobs of an Orange County divorce attorney is to help people who need to end their marriage do so in a way that fairly acknowledges their financial and custody rights. It is also, however, a reminder that marriage should not be entered into lightly. Doing so is likely to lead only to complications and emotional pain at some point down the line.

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