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Los Angeles County Child Custody Issue involving Roseanne Barr

When you enter into a settlement agreement with your spouse, its best to honor it. According to TMZ, Roseanne Barr and her ex-husband, Ben Thomas, entered into an agreement wherein Roseanne promised to fly her husband to Hawaii every month for ten days to visit their child.

Reportedly, Roseanne wanted to relocate to Hawaii with their 15 year old son. Ben agreed to Roseanne’s request for a move-away in exchange that she fly him out and his new wife out to Hawaii for ten days every month to visit their son. It now turns out that Roseanne refuses to abide by the agreement. Roseanne allegedly told Ben that if he wants to visit their son, that he will need to buy his own plane ticket and visit their son.

Now, Ben wants a Los Angeles County court to enforce the order and reimburse him for the fees incurred from his most recent trip to Hawaii.

Legally speaking, Roseanne was lucky to be able to get an agreement from Ben to relocate to Hawaii. Move-away orders are notoriously very litigious and couples send thousands of dollars in attorney fees fighting for them. Given that Roseanne reportedly earns $300,000 per month, it was likely not a big deal for her to agree to pay for her ex-husband to fly out to Hawaii to visit their son.

It will be interesting to see what reason Roseanne has for entering into the agreement in the first place. If she was not comfortable with the agreement to begin with, why sign off on it? At any rate, these issues involving Los Angeles County or Orange County child custody and visitation issues can get litigious. An Orange County child custody lawyer can assist you in any divorce, child custody or visitation matter you may have.

Source: TMZ: Roseanne’s Ex: She Made me Pay for Costco!