Los Angeles County Divorce for Tony Danza

My favorite ’80s sitcom actor, Tony Danza, has filed for divorce from his wife, Tracy Robinson, after a whopping 24 years of marriage. The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, filed on March 4, 2011, indicate that the parties have been separated since 2006. The parties have two older daughters, ages 23 and 18. This is Danza’s second marriage and second divorce.

What can we learn from the Danza divorce? First, the parties were married for 24 years, making it a long term marriage. From an Orange County legal perspective, Danza will likely have to pay his wife lifetime spousal support. I previously discussed the factors in determining California spousal support. In long-term marriages, the courts will usually retain jurisdiction over spousal support. For short-term marriages, the obligor spouse is only obligated to pay the recipient spousal support for one-half of the length of the marriage.

Since the Danzas have two older children, child custody and visitation issues will not be an issue in their divorce.

For celebrity couples, property division is often times a major issue in divorce as there is usually an accumulation of large assets during the marriage. We shall see how the Danza divorce evolves.

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Source: Tony Danza files for divorce