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Los Angeles County Divorce for Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Last week the internet was a buzz over Russell Brand’s divorce filing from Katy Perry. Reports are stating that the couple did not have a prenuptual agreement. Pursuant to California law, since it is a community property state, all assets acquired by the couple duirng marriage will be divided 50/50.

Forbes magazine estimates that Perry’s net worth is $44 million and that Brand’s net worth is $15 million. From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s standpoint, luckily the couple do not have any children. Otherwise, child custody and visitation issues would inevitably be raised.

Unless the parties agree to waive receipt of spousal support, Perry will likely have to pay Brand spousal support for one-half of the length of the marriage. Further, if there were assets that were acquired during the marriage, absent a prenuptual agreement, the parties will have to divide same equally.

Let this divorce be an example to all couples who intend to marry to get a prenuptual agreement to protect your assets. Otherwise, according to California community property law, in the event of a divorce, all assets and debts will be split between the parties.

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Source: Russell Brand Might Get $20 Million in divorce from Katy Perry

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