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Los Angeles County Divorce for “Shear Genius” star Jonathan Antin

“Shear Genius” star, Jonathan Antin’s wife, Sescie Antin, has just filed for a Los Angeles County divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The couple married back in 2006. The couple also have 2 children together, a 4 year old and a 5 year old. Sescie is requesting joint legal custody and primary physical custody with Jonathan to be given child visitation rights.

Additionally, Sescie states that there is a prenuptual agreement in effect which states that Jonathan will pay for her mortgage and all home expenses until their youngest child turns 21 years of age.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, this is a rather typical divorce involving child custody, child visitation and prenuptual agreement issues. Its a common scenario for the mother to request primary physical custody of the minor children since she is probably the primary caretaker.

If either party is entering the marriage with substantial assets, it is a smart decision to draft a prenuptual agreement to ensure that parties’ separate property assets are protected. In this case, if the prenputual agreement is valid, Jonathan will have to pay for the mortgage on the residence and all living expenses associated with same until the youngest child turns 21 years of age.

Further, Sescie is also entitled to child support and spousal support for one-half of the length of the marriage (since this is a short term marriage).

If you are contemplating an Orange County or Los Angeles County divorce, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

Source: ‘Shear Genius’ Star: Marriage comes to Split End

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