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Los Angeles County Divorce for Laurie Metcalf

The actress who played, Jackie, on Roseanne, is getting a Los Angeles County divorce from actor-husband, Matt Roth, after 6.5 years of marriage. The couple have been separated since November of 2008. They have three minor children together, Will, 17, Donovan, 11, and Mae, 6. Metcalf is citing irreconcilable differences and Roth is requesting joint legal and joint physical custody of the parties’ children.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, this particular marriage is a marriage of short-term, only 6.5 years of marriage. In terms of spousal support, the recipient spouse, if he/she requests same, will be entitled to spousal support for one-half of the length of the marriage. Additionally, the parties will have to work out a child custody and visitation plan for the three children.

Further, after child custody and visitation is worked out, child support will have to be dealt with as well. Since Roth is requesting joint physcial custody (meaning he will have custody of the children 50% of the time), any child support due to the recipient will be affected by said 50% timeshare, among other factors.

At any rate, if you have an Orange County or Los Angeles County divorce matter, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

Source; Laurie Metcalf is getting divorced

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