Los Angeles County Divorce for Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz

Another day, another celebrity divorce. It was reported last week that the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is divorcing her husband, Fall Out Boy member, Pete Wentz. The couple have a 2 year old son, Bronx. Sources close to the couple claim that the break-up is amicable and both parents main priority is their toddler son.

Insiders have also stated that the two simply grew apart, causing the rift in their relationship. However, TMZ reports that Ashlee really wanted out of the marriage due to Pete’s “erratic” behavior.

One thing is for sure is that both Ashlee and Pete will have to learn how to co-parent and raise their child together. This is why hiring an Orange County or Los Angeles County child custody and visitation attorney is imperative if you are ever involved in a contentious divorce proceeding.

Additionally, property issues will also have to be settled or litigated, especially if the parties acquired a large community property estate during the marriage.

It is presently unknown if these two had a prenuptual agreement. It would be a good idea to have one especially if someone is entering the marriage with large assets.

We cannot stress the importance of hiring an Orange County or Los Angeles County divorce attorney should you find yourself in a litigious and contentious divorce.

Source: Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz: Details Behind the Divorce