Los Angeles Divorce for Bachelor’s Chris Harrison

Given the news of Bachelor host, Chris Harrison’s divorce, we all wonder if he should be the next Bachelor?! At any rate, it was announced last week that Harrison will be divorcing his wife of 18 years, Gwen. The couple have two minor children, Joshua and Taylor. They presently reside 35 miles from the Hollywood area.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, since this was a marriage of ten years or more (long term marriage), unless the couple have a prenuptial agreement in place limiting the amount of spousal support to be payable or unless Gwen decides to waive receipt of spousal support, Harrison will have to pay spousal support to Gwen. Typically, for long term marriages and in accordance with Family Code section 4336, the court will retain jurisdiction over the issue of spousal support indefinitely.

Secondly, the parties will have to deal with the issues of child support, child custody and child visitation since they have two minor children.

Finally, the issues of property division and payment of each parties’ attorney fees and costs will also have to be dealt with.

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Source: Chris Harrison, Wife Gwen are Splitting