Los Angeles Divorce for Olivia Wilde

Rising star Olivia Wilde recently filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking a Southern California divorce, according to People Magazine. The move follows an announcement earlier this year that she and husband Tao Ruspoli were separating.

Wilde and Ruspoli have been married since 2003 but have no children. Italian-born Ruspoli is a director, described in some media accounts as an Italian prince. According to US magazine the California divorce papers filed in Los Angeles cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the couple’s split. A publicist for Wilde told the magazine that the couple have “just grown in different directions.” From media coverage of the break-up it is impossible to tell whether the couple have a prenuptial agreement in place.

In what may prove to be a significant development, People reports that Wilde “has asked that the court refuse any spousal support for her husband, but property rights are still to be determined.”

The request seems unusual, especially in a community property state where spousal support is commonplace. Wilde and Ruspoli are both high-earning Hollywood fixtures. She is a star of the TV series House and has been in a number of major movies over the last few years. He is a director, albeit not of the sort of films that net the director an eight-figure payday. Wilde’s request would appear to be premised on the idea that while she probably earns substantially more money than Ruspoli he is going to be far from destitute once the divorce is complete. Whether he agrees that settling financial matters via a division of property is adequate remains to be seen.

Complex issues like these are exactly the ones an Orange County divorce lawyer can help clients sort through. Every couple’s situation is unique. An attorney’s job is to get you everything you are entitled to when drawing up a divorce settlement, but to do so, if at all possible, in a manner that involves as little stress as possible.

UPI: Olivia Wilde files for divorce

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