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Los Angeles Mayor is Now Divorced

Local media around Southern California reported this week that the lengthy, slow divorce of Los Angeles Mayor Antono Villaraigosa and his wife Corina is now final. According to the Los Angeles Daily News the couple had been married for nearly 23 years – a relationship that was once so close that when they married in 1987 they merged their original surnames (Villar and Raigosa) into the new name, Villaraigosa, under which Antonio rose to political prominence.

The newspaper reports that the couple weathered a marital storm in 1994. At that time Corina filed for California divorce, suspecting Antonio of infidelity. The paper notes, however, that “the divorce was never finalized, and they were reconciled about 2-1/2 years later.”

The timeline that led to this final California marriage dissolution begins in 2007, 13 years after the couple’s first divorce filing. Corina petitioned Los Angeles Superior Court at that time, citing “irreconcilable differences.” According to KABC television the second filing came following “the revelation of an extramarital affair” on the mayor’s part. “Villaraigosa later responded, saying he took the blame for the failure of his marriage,” according to KABC. The station also reports that the couple have two children.

The ups and downs of the relationship of LA’s ‘first couple’ and the sheer amount of time between their Los Angeles divorce filing and the issuance of a court decree are a reminder of how difficult and complex the dissolution of a marriage can become. It is also a reminder of why it is so important to be represented throughout the process by a Los Angeles, Orange County or other Southern California divorce and family law attorney.

A skilled Orange County divorce lawyer can help clients through the often difficult task of crafting a California divorce settlement that protects all of their rights, particularly when issues of child custody also come into play. When proceedings become especially drawn-out, the assistance offered by diligent legal counsel can be crucial in allowing you not to become consumed by the legal procedures surrounding your Orange County divorce and giving you the chance to get on with your life.

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