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Los Angeles Paternity: Mel Gibson settles child custody and child support issues

The Los Angeles County child custody and child support battle between Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva has been resolved (at last!). According to reports, Mel will pay Oksana the sum of $750,000 over the next five years. Further, Oksana will continue to live in the house owned by Mel until the minor child turns the age of 18. Thereafter, the house will be sold and the proceeds placed in a trust for the child. Additional provisions of the order preclude the parties from publicly discussing each other or their relationship. The Judge also specifically stated that they also cannot write books about each other.

With respect to the Los Angeles child custody issues, the parties will share joint legal and joint physical custody of the child. As part of the parties’ duties in sharing joint legal custody, for example purposes only, they must jointly make decisions regarding the following:

1. Enrollment or termination in a particular private or public school;
2. Beginning or ending the regular practice of a religion;
3. Commencement of psychiatric, psychological, or other such mental health counseling or therapy;
4. Change of the child’s residence;
5. Passport applications;
6. Enrollment in regular occurring extra curricular activities;
7. Non-emergency medical/dental treatment other than routine checkups.

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Source: Mel Gibson Settles Money, Custody Issues with Ex-Girlfriend

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