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Man Tortured Wife Until She Signed Divorce Documents

Many times there is an overlap between criminal law matters and family law matters. A Los Angeles County or Orange County divorce attorney can assist you in any of said matters. Today, a Los Angeles jury is deliberating a case of a man who allegedly tortured his estranged wife until she signed divorce papers.

Mohammad Hanafi, 58, of Hawthorne, is charged with kidnapping his wife, Raisa Hanafi, and torturing her by gagging her and drugging her, authorities said. He also allegedly forced her to sign over her assets in divorce papers. Further, Raisa Hanafi was confined for five days before she was able to escape, according to court documents. From an Orange County family law perspective, this is a clear example of one spouse’s use of coersion, fraud, duress and/or undue influence to gain an unfair advantage. Further, it is also a clear example of one’s breach of fiduciary duty. I have no doubt that any Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement signed by the disadvantaged spouse would be set aside.

During the criminal trial, Hanafi’s attorney denied that he tried to kill the woman. Nevertheless, Raisa Hanafi testified that the men threatened to cut her up and feed her to dogs. She also said the men shocked her with a Taser.

If you are involved in a stressful situation or being pressured by your soon to be ex-spouse to sign any legal documents you are uncomfortable signing, please consult an Orange County or Los Angeles County divorce attorney for advise.

Source: L.A. Now: LA Jury deliberating case of man charged with torturing wife until she signed divorce papers

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