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McCourt California Divorce proceeds to Trial

The McCourts officially started the trial in their Southern California divorce case this past Monday. The major issue of dispute is whether Frank McCourt owns the Dodgers, solely, or if Jamie McCourt and Frank McCourt own it jointly. In 2004, there was a post-nuptual agreement signed by the parties. The post-nuptual agreement states that Frank is the sole owner of the Dodgers and Jamie is the sole owner of their homes. Frank’s position is that the post-nuptual agreement is valid and should be enforced. Jamie’s position is that the post-nuptual agreement is invalid and should not be enforced. Jamie is claiming that she signed the agreement without reading it and trusted her husband when he told her she was signing a document that protected their homes from creditors. Jamie is also claiming that she would never sign away her interest in the Dodgers.

Several media outlets also report that Jamie proposed the post-nuptual agreement and is the first person to ever attempt to invalidate a post-nuptual agreement that SHE proposed. What is also interesting to note is that Jamie herself used to practice law in Massachusetts and claims she was confused between Massachusetts law and community property law in California.

Based on the information gathered through the internet, it would seem to me that Jamie McCourt’s claim would not pass muster. First, she is a smart, educated woman who was a lawyer in Massachusetts and now claims she didn’t bother to read the post-nuptual agreement prior to signing it.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out in court in the upcoming weeks. If you have a divorce matter and want to explore your options, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

Source: McCourt divorce trial opens

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