McCourt Los Angeles Separation spotlights asset issues

As the Los Angeles Dodgers fight this week for a spot in the World Series, an off-field California family law drama is unfolding that may impact the team’s future. A press release issued by the club last week confirmed the Los Angeles marital separation of Dodger owner Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie. The couple, the statement added, “will be making no public statements.”

The end of any marriage is emotional, and often difficult; the moreso when the couple are prominent and the California divorce plays out in the public eye. But the McCourt separation spotlights a California family law issue that can hit even couples with relatively modest assets: what to do about a business in which both partners play leadership roles? Frank McCourt owns the Dodgers while Jamie McCourt is the team’s CEO. As the LA Times noted, the San Diego Padres were sold earlier this year as part of the California divorce division of assets mandated by the divorce of Padres’ owner John Moores and his wife Becky.

Frank McCourt’s lawyer told the newspaper that the couple, while separates, have not filed for divorce, adding that as the team’s sole owner Frank McCourt had no intention of selling the Dodgers “now or ever.” As a business Forbes magazine valued the Dodgers at $722 million earlier this year – the fourth highest figure in baseball.

An experienced Southern California divorce lawyer sees such situations often. Dividing assets as part of a California divorce agreement is never easy. When both partners share the management of a business it can get exceedingly complicated. Consulting with a Los Angeles or Orange County divorce attorney as early as possible can help clarify the specifics of your particular situation.

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