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If you are already in the midst of an Orange County or Los Angeles County #divorce involving #child #custody and child support issues, chances are that you have already attended a mediation session with your Ex spouse and a third party neutral mediator.  Here are some tips to keep in mind before you attend mediation:

1.  Children are usually not allowed to attend unless court ordered.

2.  Lawyers are not allowed to attend.

3.  The only topics of discussion are child custody and visitation and attempting to find a reasonabl parenting plan for both parents.

4.  Don’t feel pressured to agree to anything you are uncomfortable with.  You can always take the issue up with the Judge at a later date.

5.  If you and your Ex spouse agree to a parenting plan, the mediator will draft it in writing and send it to your lawyer.

6.  If there is an agreement, congratulations, you now have a temporary child custody and child visitation plan in effect.

Contact an Orange County Child Custody lawyer for more information on mediation!

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