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Montana Shooting Victim filed for Divorce; now killed

In Helena, Montana, a man was shot to death in his apartment on Thursday. Additionally, the man went to court to request a temporary restraining order and even filed for divorce against his ex-wife. Two days later, his estranged wife was arrested on suspicion of killing him and another woman.

Joseph Andrew Gable, 48, sought a temporary order of protection from Michelle Coller Gable on Sept. 20, alleging she was stalking him.

Joseph alleged that Michelle Gable, 48, had entered his apartment while he was trying to change the locks and started a confrontation. He said she threw a laptop computer down the stairs, tried to block him from leaving the apartment and prevented him from driving away because her rental car was parked behind his vehicle.

Now, Michelle Gable faces two counts deliberate homicide in the death of her husband and his female acquaintance after the shooting at his apartment Thursday morning. She was scheduled to make an initial court appearance Friday afternoon.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, this is yet another tragedy involving a domestic dispute. Going through a divorce is never easy. It is stressful and people often act out because of the divorce.

At any rate, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information on filing in Los Angeles County or Orange County.

Source: Helena shooting victim had just filed for divorce; wife charged in 2 killings

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