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More Divorce Drama in Deion Sanders Divorce

The messy divorce between former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar, now centers on their three kids.

Deion Sanders is used to playing defense, and that is exactly where he found himself, Wednesday, under cross examination. “Just think about all this stuff you have heard about me, you didn’t hear none of this until they started getting their butts kicked in the courthouse,” said Deion.

Pilar Sander’s attorneys grilled the Hall of Famer on everything from abuse to adultery in the battle for primary custody of the couple’s three kids.

Attorney Larry Friedman tried to discredit Deion by asking him about driving with a suspended license, an alleged suicide attempt in the 90s, and allowing his girlfriend to spend the night at his house, while he is still legally married. “I filed for divorce because she was the one cheating,” said Deion. “I think everyone here knows that.”

After Deion was done, his defense team called Carolyn Chambers, Deion’s first wife and the mother of two of his children, to the stand. She testified her first encounter with Pilar was when Pilar called her and said, “I’m seeing your husband.”

Pilar’s attorney said outside the courtroom, “I think we’re looking forward to Pilar getting her story out, I think that is what’s important,” said Friedman. What Friedman did not want jurors to hear, an audio recording of a fight between Pilar and Deion’s personal assistant. But the judge allowed it, and jurors heard Pilar in a tirade laced with curse words.

Pilar took the stand shortly after 4 p.m. and was only on for about 45 minutes before the judge recessed for the day. She will be back on the stand Thursday morning.

The kids may have to take the stand, that decision has not yet been made.

36 witnesses are on the list. The trial is expected to late into next week.

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Source: Sanders Children May Have to Testify in Court

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