When do you need a Prenuptial Agreement in California?


If you are planning on getting married any time soon and have separate property assets that you would like to protect, we recommend that you look into preparing a Prenuptial Agreement.  A prenuptial agreement is an iron clad agreement that guards your potential spouse from seeking any community property interest in any separate property or potential community property that you may accumulate during the marriage.  So, for example, if you have a business that you acquired before marriage and are concerned that the business will increase in value during the marriage but do not want your potential spouse to get any interest in the business in the unfortunate event of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement will be your best bet protect you.

Additionally, if you want to limit your spousal support or alimony exposure in the event of a divorce, a California prenuptial agreement will also be a tool you may want to consider.  In California, if you are married for ten years or more, you could potentially be setting yourself up for a payout of lifetime support (there are some caveats).  On the flip side, if you are married for less than ten years, your exposure to spousal support is for one-half of the length of the marriage.

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