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Mother Accused of Selling Child gives up Chid Custody to Dad

This is a strange story. What mother in her right mind would sell her child? Apparently, Kenia Quiala Bosque, age 30, tried to sell one of her 4 children to an aquaintance for $7,000. Bosque stipulated that she put her kids in danger by trying to sell one of them. She did this to avoid a dependency trial. As a result, the children will now remain in the care of their father.

The case is not over for Bosque though. She still faces criminal charges that she tried to sell her youngest son to an acquaintance for $7,000 in December.

Judge Mari Sampedro-Iglesia accepted a plea deal worked out in the juvenile justice building hallways among attorneys for both parents and the Department of Children and Families. In the deal, Bosque agreed that “under severe emotional distress [she] made an empty threat to exchange her child for a sum of money, that placed her children in imminent risk of harm.”

The judge ordered a psychological evaluation, individual therapy and parenting classes for Bosque, who was arrested Dec. 4 at her Opa-locka apartment. She will continue having supervised visitations.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, it is standard procedure for the case to proceed to a child custody evaluation to determine an appropriate parenting plan. Obviously, Bosque needs help if she ever wants to have a relationship with her children. In the meantime, she has been awarded supervised visits with the children.

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Source: Mother accused of selling baby gives up custody to husband

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