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Newly Released Legal Documents Put Steve Harvey’s Divorce in a Better Light

At the time of his divorce comedian and game show host Steve Harvey was widely portrayed as the Bad Guy. Now, according to E! Online, newly released legal documents appear to paint a somewhat different picture. The story is a cautionary tale for couples going through an Orange County divorce: a reminder of the degree to which a seemingly closed case can return to make one’s life difficult.

Harvey and his wife second Mary divorced in Texas in 2005 after ten years of marriage. Last month – more than a half-decade later – she took to YouTube with what E! calls a “lengthy, vitriolic” rant alleging that he cheated on her, alienated their son and left her broke and homeless. The entertainment magazine/website reports that Harvey, to his credit, refused to respond in kind, and instead went back to court seeking the temporary suspension of a gag order imposed on both sides as one condition of the couple’s settlement.

The verdict is that if Mary is now destitute she clearly has no one but herself to blame. The papers document four years of support at the level of $40,000 per month, followed by a one-time lump sum payment by Harvey of $1.5 million. As for being homeless, she received three (yes, three) of the couple’s homes under the terms of the agreement.

Settlement papers, of course, do not render a similarly definitive verdict on accusations of infidelity or parental alienation, but E! notes that Harvey denies both charges. He has primary custody of the couple’s 13-year old son and also has three children from his first marriage, E! reports.

Harvey’s obviously painful, very public, post-divorce odyssey is a reminder of the important role your divorce attorney, here in Orange County or anywhere else, long after a case, and a marriage, seem to be over. Ex-spouses sometimes return with new demands (or, like Michael Douglas’ ex, Diandra, novel twists on old ones), or seek to have old issues reopened in light of changed economic circumstances. An Orange County divorce attorney’s help does not stop once your case is concluded. A good lawyer will always be there to help defend a client if a bitter ex-spouse seeks to re-litigate a California divorce settlement after the fact.

E! Online: Steve Harvey Not Such a Wife-Ruining Jerk, After All

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