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No California Prenuptial Agreement Means Troubles continue for Mel Gibson

As though troubled star Mel Gibson did not have enough problems, what with his widely publicized obscenity-filled tirade against former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, it has now emerged that the actor’s divorce from his first wife, Robyn, is still not final.

According to the website ThirdAge.com, the couple filed for divorce nearly two years ago, seeking to end their 28 year marriage. It had been widely assumed that the couple’s settlement was final by now, especially since, as the website puts it, “the divorce was considered amicable at the time.” It is now, however, emerging that the couple are still only in the early stages of working out a mutually-agreeable settlement. Gibson and Robyn did not sign a California prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage, so, according to our state’s community property laws, Robyn is entitled to half of the estimated $1 billion in assets Mel acquired during their nearly three decades together.

Two years after filing for their Southern California divorce, however, Mel has “only recently submitted s settlement proposal to Robyn,” ThirdAge reports. According to the website Mel’s increasingly loud and bitter Los Angeles, California child custody battle with Oksana “keeps taking precedence over his divorce from Robyn.” The website’s unnamed source says Mel and Robyn “keep getting continued and they’re not expected to be back in court until at least April, now.”

It goes without saying that being in a custody dispute with one’s girlfriend while one’s earlier divorce is still unresolved gives new meaning to the phrase ‘doing things the hard way.’ Resolving issues like these in as speedy a manner as possible is one of the most important services an Orange County divorce lawyer can offer clients.

A skilled attorney’s professional advice is particularly important in situations where you may be facing overlapping legal issues – California child custody and visitation as well as the division of assets, for example.

Third Age.com: Mel Gibson Divorce Not Final From First Wife Robyn

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